Found This Week - #1

Sometimes I come across interesting content, but usually its read, and then forgotten within a few hours. In the past week i’ve decided to start making a note of anything particually interesting so I can post on my site. So, here we go…

  • On the ‘Back To Work’ podcast, Episode 617. Merlin discusses the upcoming tvOS 17 and how they’ve introduced Continuty to allow you to Facetime using your iPhone.

  • A modified Honda Monkey motorbike breaks the world record for the distance travelled on a single tank of fuel. Sure, the tank is 30 gallons, but impressive non the less, especially since they didn’t run out of fuel when they got to their target location.

  • Cabel Sasser bought and scanned a auction lot of “Backstage Disneyland”, which was a unofficial magazine targetted at Disneyland cast members. The full collection is available on

  • Linking to the last one, Jason Schultz has created an amazing archive of Disneyland assets called Parkendium. He was also able to provide Cabel with the missing issues of Backstage Disneylad.

  • Saurabh made a post about Advanced macOS Commands that you may not know about, which spurred an entire conversation on HackerNews about other useful tools and commands.

Thats it for now, other posts in this series will be tagged with #found-this-week, so check back later.