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The future of

Apr 9, 2022 is nearly 2 years old. I initially started dimension as I wanted to rekindle a love of an old ‘pubnix’ I used to be a member of back when I was in college, it ended up being a small community where I met a few good friends to which i’m still in contact with twenty years later. I happened to come across the the tilde community one day and was reminded of this fun part of my life.

Now approaching its second year I think its time for a little bit of an update on whats going on. In the last year we’ve made some changes:

In terms of uptime, we’ve had no unexpected downtime outside of scheduled updates and patches. Thankfully, Digital Ocean provides a very stable platform to run a pubnix.

I’ve got a few aims for our second year:

  1. Investigate a few extra services - NNTP with NNCP, Matrix, or XMPP.
  2. Extend out /home with a new disk.
  3. Update the wiki with more details.
  4. Grow the community.

As always we’re always taking feedback from members for any improvements. Thank you to the community that has grown around dimension, without you it wouldn’t be worth running.