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Fixing CIFS/Samba Browse Speed on OSX

Nov 8, 2015

#samba #homelab 

One thing that has always frustrated me on Mac OS X is the impossible slow directory listing and browsing speeds on CIFS/SMB shares, Apple’s devices, such as the Time Capsule and OS X shares work perfectly, but anything running Samba has this amazingly slow response on any folder with more than 200 files.

Today i’ve been finally configuring my FreeNAS installation on my HP Gen8 Microserver, and after a good twenty or so minutes researching the issue I found a small post on the FreeNAS forums suggesting the following settings:

ea support = no
store dos attributes = no

Boom, quickly added to the configuration files and browsing now flies. Next is to try and improve the overall transfer speed over 25MiB/sec.