Fixing CIFS/Samba Browse Speed on OSX-2015-11-08.html

One thing that has always frustrated me on Mac OS X is the impossible slow directory listing and browsing speeds on CIFS/SMB shares, Apple’s devices, such as the Time Capsule and OS X shares work perfectly, but anything running Samba has this amazingly slow response on any folder with more than 200 files. Today i’ve been finally configuring my FreeNAS installation on my HP Gen8 Microserver, and after a good twenty or so minutes researching the issue I found a small post on the FreeNAS forums suggesting the following settings:

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Resetting the TP-Link TL-SG3210-2015-10-12.html

In the hunt to introduce VLANs across all segments of my home network I managed to pick-up a L2 managed switch for a lot cheaper than I expected, the TL-SG3210 only offers the bare basics but its enough to get some control to the last remnant of the unmanaged network hidden behind a powerline ethernet adapter. At £36 I couldn’t say no to it. As to expect, it all came pre-configured for the last user’s network, and this time I had no helpful IP sticker like the HP 2824 (I have no idea how I managed to reset that).

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Flask, EVE, and no persistence-2014-06-27.html

Recently, another EVE related web-app idea popped into my mind and due to the generally low impact nature of the application I didn’t require a backend data store. For a long time i’ve used Django for nearly anything and everything due to the batteries included nature of the framework, but with this application I could throw it all away and start working with Flask; something i’ve been meaning to get my teeth into properly since I started my large Django based projects.

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Opensourcing Past Projects-2014-04-14.html

Over a year ago now I stepped back from being a system administrator and developer for the EVE Online alliance Test Alliance Please Ignore, part of my role there I spent hundreds of hours developing their internal authentication system and other small applications that hang off it. At the time it was quite unique and only a handful of other alliances had that level of technical setup. So as you would expect like a small company with something to lose the code was buried away on private servers and rarely looked over by new people.

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Python packaging the right way-2014-02-20.html

Last night I spent a hour or so packaging up some Python I made to scratch an itch into a distributable module. Packaging has never been my strong point and I always ended up making a fiddly setup.py that had some minor problems or didn’t work as expected. This time was especially noteworthy as I had a product that was both Python 2.7 and Python 3.3 compatible. Thankfully Jeff Knupp posted about open sourcing a python project the right way, which covers getting your project setup right, making it easily testable, and getting it working on TravisCI.

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