Fixing VMware ESXi 6.5 Upgrade Issues-2016-11-21.html

A few days ago VMWare released vSphere 6.5, and in it came a raft of improvements to vCenter and other fluffy features that everyone loves. I’ve been running a small dual host setup at home for a while now, and while not in anyway a “real production environment” its been the host of a lot of household services, most notably (for my other half) a Plex server. Unfortunately everything didn’t go to plan, my lab host (Obelisk) took the update without issue being managed by the now embedded update manager in vCenter, my other host (Anshar) didn’t take to it at all.

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Upgrading a Google GB-7007 / U1 firmware-2016-04-03.html

For many years Google has produced a range of “Search Appliances”, the idea is that you have a miniature Google search engine within your business that is able to index all your internal files and make them available in a nice interface that everyone is use to. Over the years they’ve produced many iterations of the product with the most recent ones being essentially rebadged Dell hardware. The “current” generation (and I use that loosely) is a rebadged Dell R710 with the bare minimum fitting options:

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Upgrading the firmware on a HP ProCurve 2824-2016-02-27.html

As it turns out, the “new” switch i’ve acquired was very out of date in regards to firmware. A few bugs have been fixed and some silly Java problems have been resolved on the Web UI, so its worth taking the time to update it. First of all, check what firmware and boot ROM your switch is using using the show flash command on the CLI: sw3# show flash Image Size(Bytes) Date Version ----- ---------- -------- ------- Primary Image : 3003952 12/21/05 I.

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Resetting a HP ProCurve 2824-2016-02-26.html

Another day, another switch. This time i’ve bought a second HP ProCurve 2824, they’re solid and reliable and with a quick replacement to the fans they’re damn near silent. Throw in the full Layer 2 feature set and a basic Layer 3 (named by HP as L3-lite) its a workhorse of a switch suited for small environment or edge switches on larger networks. Main problem is that most of these ex-corporate switches come pre-configured with some setup you neither know or care about, thankfully resetting this switch is amazingly easy.

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Broken OpenVPN IPv4 routing with iOS9 and IPv6-2016-02-10.html

After finally taking the time to get tunnelled IPv6 into the homelab via Hurricane Electric I thought it would be nice to extend out the routing to my VPN clients, after all they connect in an appear like local devices to the rest of the network, why not? What I thought was a simple configuration change has been puzzling me for the last few days, what I didn’t realise is that after switching on IPv6 in the OpenVPN server all IPv4 traffic hasn’t been correctly routed via the VPN.

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