/projects/ smsbot


2022 - On-going

License: MIT

A small Telegram bot to talk to the Twilio APIs and provide a chat interface to SMS messages.

When in the USA it can be difficult to provide a international phone number for SMS notifications, with Walt Disney World being a major problem. Several services (mostly dining) require virtual queuing in which you’ll receive a text message when your table or booking is available. Being unable to provide a USA mobile phone number forced us to wait until we were called, rather than being notified when to return.

Using the Twilio API this bot provides a simple SMS number that all messages are passed through to Telegram, without the major cost of having a US SIM card and carrier plan. Numbers allocated via Twilio cost around £0.90/month, and inbound SMS is charged at £0.006/message. A credit of £13 will last you a year of service.