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Dimension RPMs Repository

Jul 4, 2020

While I was in the progress of setting up I slowly came to the realisation that the distribution I select (CentOS 8) didn’t have coverage for a lot of the popular utilities that are required on a pubnix system. Thankfully the EPEL exists and while most packages were not built for CentOS 8 the source RPMs were available to download and build.

But, we did encounter a few issues with some other packages, for example efingerd and gophernicus, these are available on most Debian distributions but not for RHEL base ones. So I took the time to create some package SPEC files and create the RPMs for CentOS 8.

These SPECs are now available on GitHub, and the resulting RPMs are available at YUM repository hosted on GitHub pages. To use the YUM repo all you need to do is either manually download the .repo file. or run the following:

# yum-config-manager --add-repo

At the moment I’m not planning on building for RHEL/CentOS 7, but the SPECs should work for them and its relatively easy to build the repository manually.