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Opensourcing Past Projects

Apr 14, 2014

Over a year ago now I stepped back from being a system administrator and developer for the EVE Online alliance Test Alliance Please Ignore, part of my role there I spent hundreds of hours developing their internal authentication system and other small applications that hang off it. At the time it was quite unique and only a handful of other alliances had that level of technical setup. So as you would expect like a small company with something to lose the code was buried away on private servers and rarely looked over by new people.

Today is a very different place, Auth was created at the start of an open source revolution for EVE Online applications, and over time more and more have started becoming open with now specific projects being spun up (such as ECM) to create tools, or large alliances (Brave Newbies) opening their backend for everyone to use.

The repository copies of the code I have a quite out of date, and i’m purely the copyright holder of them, which gives me the power to license and open them as I see fit. Now that its been a good amount of time since I left I feel I can safely release these into the public domain without doing any disservice to TEST and the current sysadmins.

So over the next few days, i’ll be looking to move the following repositories from my private Bitbucket over on to GitHub:

nikdoof / cynomap nikdoof / django-testauth nikdoof / limetime nikdoof / pacmanager nikdoof / posmaster nikdoof / test-auth

All in various states, but hopefully useful for someone.

[Update - 2014/03/13]

Also i’ll update with links once they’re over.